Cannot find asset accounts listed to make journal entries

New version of manager. While attempting to make a journal entry for a simple cash to bank transfer, I can no longer find my cash accounts listed anywhere, yet they are still listed on my summary.

Try going to the actual Cash Account then doing a transfer transaction rather than using a Journal entry.

There is no option for this when clicking on the individual account. All I can do is to see the list of transactions for the account and either view or edit each individual transaction.

After you click on the ‘Cash Accounts’ tab and the list of your cash accounts comes up, click on the number in the balance column for that cash account. (In this example I have no Petty cash, so I clicked on 0.00 :worried:)

There should be three buttons at the top - Receive Money, Spend Money and Transfer Money.

When you choose transfer money you can then select the from and to bank and/or cash accounts to move money between.

You can no longer use journal entries to move money, rather you use transfer transactions.

I would add that you can also no longer use journal entries to spend or receive money. All movements of funds into or out of bank or cash accounts must occur in the relevant tab as @alasdair describes. But your transactions made via journal entries in previous versions will always be there.

Okay, thanks. I now see how this is done.

I imported bank transactions in the bank account. Now i need to transfer the cash withdrawal to cash in hand account but I can’t find cash account for selection.
How to transfer money to the cash account?

Did you create a cash account? Once you have, go to the bank account where you will get the money for the transfer. Click on the balance number. Select Transfer Money. Indicate the transfer is going to the cash account.

I have created Cash account and I can transfer to cash account by using transfer money. Will it not create duplicate entries as i have already imported the bank statement. After importing bank statement I am on the following uncategorised

How do I link these uncategorised cash withdrawals to the cash account.

This is currently an issue I didn’t address yet.

When you are importing bank transactions, you can’t categorize imported payment or receipt as transfer. You need to manually create new transfer transaction and then delete imported payment/receipt.

Another way is not to use Transfer money button and simply have an account called Inter-account transfers and categorize all transfers to this account. Transactions posted to this account should contra so the balance of this account should be always zero.