Apply payments to service invoices

I am new to Manager so please bear with me if my questions appear to be simplistic. I am trying to figure out how to receive payments and have them applied to the earliest invoices. The business is as a coach, multiple students, with payments being cash and check. All received at different times and not necessarily on same day as lesson taught

Read this topic
One payment multiple invoices (supplier invoice)

And this Guide

Sorry but none of the images came through. I am sure the images would make it a lot clearer. Unfortunately I am still unsure of the process to apply the payment (cash/check) to a customers invoice

You were not sent images. You were provided hyperlinks. Click on them to find the answer to your question.

Where I believe the hyperlinks were suppose to be was the following: [image] instead

Then I think you have problems with your browser. This forum isn’t part of the Manager application, just a web site. It works for everybody else.

Thanks, I am using Chrome but will try Mozilla

Sorry but I don’t think it’s the browser. Same thing in Chrome, Mozilla and IE

OK then do the following

  1. scroll down the forum topics until you find - One Payment Multiple Invoices (Supplier Invoice)
    It probably a few pages down by now - have also re-inserted the link below
    One payment multiple invoices (supplier invoice)

  2. Click on the GUIDE button at the top of the Forum home page and then go to the guide -
    Receiving Money in cash account