Entering meter-readings for Water-Utility

Dear Forum,

I’m trying to streamline our complicated invoicing process and I’m looking for suggestions for improvement.

We operate a community water-supply. We invoice our users quarterly for their water-consumption and we need to include their previous and their current meter-readings, with the resulting usage shown the quantity field.

Can anyone suggest a way to set up Manager so that we can simply enter the customer’s meter-readings each billing period and have the Manager database handle the above requirement?



You won’t be able to do that. But you can perform calculations in the quantity field. Read the Guide about that.

  • In a custom text field enter the < meter reading new > - < meter reading old >
  • Copy that to the quantity field

To enter an new invoice

  • Clone the old invoice
  • Edit the custom field, entering the new reading and leave the prior as the old reading
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Thanks for the reply @Tut. I kind of thought as much.

We are currently using a spreadsheet for meter-reading entry and it compiles the invoice entries into a format suitable for batch-creation of Sales-Invoices in Manager, so I guess we will stick with that process.

@Bob_Hunt, what you are really looking for is a product quantity determination function, not an accounting function.