Supplier Ledger Transactions

Is there a way we can get the Statement of Accounts for any supplier?

Others have asked about this on the forum previously. The response that was given was that normal accounting practice does not involve sending statements to suppliers. They should be the ones sending statements to you.

Hi, I do agree that it is the supplier who has to send us the statement of accounts. However, there are lot of small scale suppliers who basically does not follow this system. In this case, what we normally do is that we send them the statement and get their acknoeledgment on this statement which is used for reconciliation by the auditors. As we need to do auditing at the end of each financial year, it is mandatory here to have the supplier statement of accounts acknowledged and reconciled. This is where our Manager Statement of Accounts for suppliers would come handy, which will have records of all transactions with the supplier records for easy reconciliation.

OK, this is the first time someone was able to justify properly why they need supplier statements. I will add it.

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A big thank you… @lubos

Added to the latest version (15.2.18).

Look under Reports -> Supplier Statements

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Hi @lubos
Thank you so much for this wonderful report which will ease our auditing process.
However, please check the “Cr” “Dr” at the end as it is shown incorrectly.

This looks correct to me. The last column is a running balance.

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Sorry, you are right…

Sorry for the mis understanding… the statement is perfect!!
Hats off!!!

@lubos Can you please help in getting the alignment on the Supplier Ledger report “Balance Column” to be on one line?

Should be fixed in the latest version (15.5.85)

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Thank you…