Bank rules with amount, dr / cr option, contain or not contain


Can the import rule be enriched to the have the following features :slight_smile:

  1. rules for credit or debit across all bank account
  2. rules where amount could be given as criteria
  3. logical option of and/ or with contain and does not contain
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#1: Credits and debits (payments and receipts) are already determined automatically based on the imported data. I don’t know what you mean, though, by “across all bank account.” A statement can only be imported from one bank account at a time. You must choose a specific bank account for each bank rule, or Manager will not know where to post it.

#2: This would cause problems. Every transaction for the same amount would be selected by the rule. Suppose you set up the rule to recognize payments of 300 and post them to your Insurance expense account because that is your regular insurance premium. Then you purchase a train ticket that happens to cost 300. Manager will happily post it to Insurance instead of Travel. You might never notice. Bank rule criteria should be things that are reliably unique. Amounts are not.

#3: This would also be troublesome. Suppose you set a criteria as “Does not contain ACME Supply Company.” Every single payment or receipt for any other entity would be captured. The concept behind bank rules is to define them so narrowly that only desired transactions are selected. Your suggestion would mean only certain tightly specified transactions are excluded.


Thanks for the response. think about in the product program. i have seen some software giving this facility and i have used ;

your software is the best ; but could get some of the long hanging fruits of others ; hence i had put it; anyhow thanks for the response.

This is incorrect. You can leave the bank field showing the default 0000000%20Bug%202a

This means that an item that is common or paid by differing accounts, doesn’t need multiple rules.
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Manager knows where to post it via the bank statement being imported.

I guess I misunderstood @Partha’s rather cryptic suggestion. And rereading my response, I didn’t express myself very well, did I? I thought @Partha was suggesting some type of rule that would post transactions to all bank accounts at once (single transaction, multiple postings). So I told him you could only import from one bank account at a time. But when I said “You must choose a specific bank account for each bank rule”, I really should have said, “You must choose a specific bank account for each import”, the idea being that, if you don’t, Manager won’t know where to post. Sorry for the confusion.


I used that to do the allocation. But if we have rule option with contain like excel with and/or operator along with amount, it would still be great.

Further system does not allow receipt of funds to be allocated to asset indicating sale and the asset get extinguished

If you mean via a bank rule, yes it does allow allocation to a specific fixed asset