End of the day Payment Mode

I run a pet grooming salon. I have a system to record my appointment, goods and daily sales.

I’m using this to record my payroll, unity, rent and many other operation fee.

How do I create daily sales record? I have many payment mode. Eg, Cash, Amax, visa and master.

Your brief question contains too many concepts to answer in one topic. See the Guides: https://www.manager.io/guides. When you have specific questions or problems, ask them again.

That depends on what details you want Manager to record…

Do you have a separate point of sale system or are you using Manager to record individual sales?

If so entry will depend on your desired data input source.
Cash register end of day single entry
Electronic funds transfer either bank import or daily/periodic entry.

The details will depend on what data your POS systems reports, so can be readily reconciled with the records in Manager.

One method would be - create a daily New Receipt for the Cash showing the total day’s sales with deductions for the credit card sales, therefore leaving the total matching the cash sales.

Then when the bank account receives the funds from the credit cards, these would be banked to the related card account with an extra line entry for any fees.

You could create the chart of account like this so outstanding card funds can easily be seen.
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