Cash orders and cash sales

I buy stock cash and my daily sales are cash or card.
I entered my daily sales under Journal Entries and opened a cash account for each month. However the cash deposits from sales I do twice per week. At the moment I think showing the cash sales deposits under the cash accounts show up as duplicate sales in the journal.

How do I handle cod orders and cash sales with cash deposits from till into the bank twice weekly?

I have also opened capital accounts for funds contributed by a member of the business. However, there are two large payments for stock bought with the shop that was from the member’s personal account directly to the landlord, not to the business account, how do I enter this?

This should be done by receiving money in a cash account. Journal entries should not be used for money coming into or leaving the company.

It seems a poor idea to have cash accounts for different months, because the money doesn’t vanish after a month. It either stays in the company or goes somewhere specific, leaving a record behind.

This is done in the Cash Accounts tab using Transfer Money.

Company expenses paid from personal funds are entered via Expense Claims, which creates a liability. How you clear the liability depends on your form of organization. Search this forum on the subject of expense claims and you will find many discussions and explanations.

Thanks Tut

Tut, Please be patient with me.

I have a retail store, as mentioned purchases are cod and sales are cash or card, however card payments reflect around a week later and cash deposits from sales are made twice weekly.

Due to the above is it ok for me to enter my daily sales per item as journal entries and do my cash accounts from my bank account every month and once this is done upload my bank account.

Then being a cash business, can I still upload my inventory items with cost and sale values. Will this be the only accounts I need to give an accurate Profit and Loss statement.


In Manager, you should never use journal entries for transactions involving movement of money, whether currency or credit card.

As for how to integrate your entries involving inventory, I am not the right person to answer, because I don’t use Manager’s inventory functions in my business. Someone else will have to help you.

It makes absolutely no difference if you are buying your Inventory for cash or credit, the Inventory Items tab works in exactly the same way. When you set up your Inventory you can also set your cost and sales values.

No, if you want to record your sales per item you can either list them in a book and then do a Cash on Hand - Receive Money for the daily total or list them individually in the Cash on Hand - Receive Money entry. If using the book you would record your cash and credit card sales in separate columns.

It is recommended that you have two Cash on Hand accounts to manage your cash and credit card transactions as this will provide you with better management controls.

This way your Sales - Cash balance should always equal the cash on hand or unbanked cash and the Sales - Credit card balance should equal the amount of card payments not yet received.