Autmaticaly daily records

can I generate daily record for all and any other account records like:
when I issued invoice or bank transaction or any , can automatically generate daily record …

Nothing in Manager happens automatically but you can generate a daily “picture” of all accounts under the Summary tab > Set Period, change the dates to match the day you want to see a daily record of and then drill down if you want to see a particular transaction.

my qouestion is
when I issued invoice, or credit note or any accounting transaction,
I need to record these account transaction into daily journal entry record too, with seqounce code daily journal entry, like an automatic daily journal entry contain the (Invoice, money receive or any accounting transaction) For saving the hard documents into hard files as reference storge

Under Reports you have General Ledger Transactions. set it for any date and you can generate a daily report.

I know that ,
I am not asking how to record journal entry.
my qusetion : to have automatic generate daily journal contain the same other account records
it mean I need journal entry as master record for any accounting transaction
this journal entry with sequence serial code number
as reference for any accounting transaction

Your separate daily journal does not exist in Manager. That would be a complete duplication of records and effort. Manager is the master record.

If you need to record supplemental information, you can do so in custom fields.

Why ?
It appears that you just want this for storage purposes only - “For saving the hard documents into hard files as reference storage”. Instead of filing all documents sequentially all mixed up, file them grouped by the transaction type then you can use the Manager numbering in most cases.