Employees & Payslip

Hi Guys,
The ‘Employees’&‘Payslip’ sections have a bug, the currency symbol does not change to the default.
i have assigned the currency “LKR” but in the payslip & Employees Section show only in ‘US $’

please advice

Are you referring to new or previously existing pay slips?

I am using version 16.11.84

First, @Premm, you did not answer my question.

Second, you are some 40 versions behind. Some of those updates included changes to currency symbol issues. Update your software before reporting suspected bugs. See the Guide:

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I cannot reproduce your problem.

Thanks for the feedback
just updated the version to 16.12.36 and i still get the same problem

any suggestions?

can you be a bit more specific, i am new here!

So, here are specific examples. Set your base currency:

Now, a payslip will show in the base currency:

Your problem is that you have defined the specific employee in US$. If I edit the employee for the example above to US$:

the very same payslip shows in US$. This feature exists because you might pay employees in different locations in different currencies.

So edit your employee.

Thankyou Tut
strangely under the employee section the ‘LKR’ currency is missing
I kid you not!

That is because LKR is your base currency. Employees are assumed to be paid in your base currency unless you specify otherwise. However, if you look in the Currency field for the employee, you should see LKR grayed out as the default:

i would have still be plucking hair off my head to get that sorted.
thanks man, you’re the best