Currency symbol on payslip

my company currency was CFA.
one of our employee base currency was INR.

While creating payslip for this employee i will not know in which currency im paying him. there are no currency symbols seen in payslip> create

I suggest to show currency symbol like how you show in purchase invoice. the currency symbol in purchase invoice changes depending on supplier currency.

Thank you

Your request is unrelated, @raj_nann. Please do not divert topics. Your post has been moved.

Thank you

Currency symbol does show when viewing the payslip. It only doesn’t show during creation which will be eventually added.

there is no currency conversion option while creating payslip

Not sure what you mean by currency conversion option.

You can set currency on employee. Then payslip will be denominated in currency of selected employee.

just need this currency symbol while creating payslip.

currency symbol should change according to employee currency.

Why are you asking about employee payslips but showing a screen shot of a purchase invoice?

that symbol is there in purchase invoice… i want it in payslip creation mode


I’m sure he means entering the equivalent in the local currency as at that date. That way the currency gains/losses could be calculated and posted easily when paying the employee using the payment day’s exchange rate?

Added to the latest version (19.7.52)

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