No currency conversion in payslip reports

I have several employees. Most of them I pay in local currency, but one I pay in Euros. So in his employee-file I indicated that. In the regular bookkeeping the amount I pay him in Euros is automatically changed into the equivalent amount in local currency ( my bookkeeping is in local currency). But if make a report on my payslips over 2019. I find that his salaries are not converted into the equivalent amount in local currency, but indicate the amounts in Euros. So the system adds up amounts in Euros of this one employee with the amounts of the other employees which are in local currency. Obviously this is a mistake the report. This seems to me a bug. Am I right? Or what did I do wrong? It applies to all reports about payslips.

Your question is confusing because of the terminology you used. What do you mean by “regular bookkeeping?” Are you referring to the balance sheet? This will always display converted amounts. Otherwise, the accounting equation cannot be made to balance. (Assets = Liabilities + Equity).

And what do you mean by “report on my payslips?” Which report? Provide screen shots to illustrate the problem you think you have.

Hi Tut,

  Thanks for replying so fast. In attachment a screenshot of the

report I am referring to. The fourth employee, called
“house-owners” is paid in Euros. There you see a Gross Pay of
4,800 and deductions of 720. These are the amounts we paid to
them in Euros. The amounts for all other employees are in Rwandan
francs. One Euro is about 1000 Rwandan Francs, so the mistake is

  At the bottom of the page (not in the screenshot) all amounts are

added up. But the system here adds apples (RWF) and pears (EURO).

  I hope this is clear. If not, don't hesitate to ask for more

clarification. I’m happy you exist!

Please post a screen shot of the Edit screen for this employee. Also post a screen shot of the Edit screen of a payslip for this employee.

Please show this. That is the important part.

Also, this will work out better and be easier to read and understand if you log into the forum for your responses instead of replying through email. And don’t include personal information. I edited your post to remove that.

Hi Tut,
Please see here the additions. All in local currency, except the fourth. The system adds up as if all figures are in the same currency.

And here the other screenshots you asked for:

I tested this with Northwind using Manager V20.2.33 on Windows 10 Desktop
This seems to be a bug - these are all handled correctly

but report shows

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Thanks for the comprehensive illustration that covers every aspect of this situation, @Joe91. I have put this into the bugs category.

For the benefit of other forum readers, @Joe91’s last post is an ideal bug report. It makes no complaints that are not illustrated. It shows everything related to the problem. Most importantly, it does not require anyone else to set up and model the situation in order to understand the bug or for the developer to address it.

Fixed in the latest version (20.2.59)

All very well but what about the Payslip Totals per Item and Employee report

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Since this problem is only partially resolved, I will move the topic back to bugs.

I’ve noticed Payslip Totals per Item and Employee report is also fixed (base currency only for now). So removing from bugs category.