Emails not sending on secure port 465

The problem = Can only send email on unsecured port 587 not SSL/TLS 465

When trying to send via 465 it just seems to time out with no error message.

Port 587 works fine.

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. updated to lates MAC version
  2. triple checked SMTP settings a bunch of times (I have the same settings on 3 other mail apps)
  3. talked to my host company Net Virtue (australia) - no problem they’re end

Any Help would be appreciated as I’m moving overseas soon and I can;t be sending emails over unsecured ports :smile:

Both 587 and 465 are typically secure ports. But Manager only supports 587 for now.

Unsecured port would be 25 which you shouldn’t be using.

Thanks for he reply. I’ll keep using 587 then :slight_smile: