Email settings and Reply-to option


is it possible add Reply-to option to Email settings?

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Please return the Email address field in the email settings! (At least until the solution of adding the reply address option in some other way is resolved.)

With that damn gmail, it’s a headache! Customers will not be able to set up their gmail account correctly so that they can be mailed from the manager through their gmail account!

Really, that’s a pretty big problem for us!

What are you referring to, @raivodc100? As your own screen shot shows, the two email address fields were never removed.

if username is like e-mail ( then Email address filed is hidden. But we need this field to be avaible anytime.

You can see that i have wrote username not with @ but wit (at) to show that we need E-mail address field anyway.

we have several apartment associations, run by active old ladies who don’t know much about computers, but use gmail for the association’s mail, so that’s the problem with them.
We are unable to use our SMTP credetials at this time because people tend to respond to this address as well. Although they should reply to the association’s mail, which of course is also written in the e-mail, but there are still enough people who just press the replay button.

We have created one gmail account through which the manager can send emails.
If there are any companies that use gmail but can’t go through the procedure in gmail to send mail from the manager, then we can use our gmail account.
But now customers of this company see and respond to our gmail address, which is incorrect.

Alternatively, if we send mail directly through our ISP mailserver without authentication, we can show correct gmail address, which can also be answered correctly.
But in this case, a large part of the emails goes to a junk folder where people can’t search.

And sometimes SMTP username ( not same as business e-mail.

@raivodc100, you seem to be misunderstanding the Email Settings form. The purpose of the fields is not to enter addresses you would like the recipient to respond to. The purpose of the first (and the Username that precedes it) is to fulfill the login requirements of your email provider. Some providers use the email address as the Username, some use a different Username. If the Username you enter (following your provider’s instructions) is in the form of a valid email address, the separate email address field disappears. If not, it appears. But again, that is not for a response address, but is the account you are sending from.

The rest of your issues are not problems with Manager, but educational issues for your customers. If you want them to be able to reply to an address other than what is set up in Manager, you need to have them create PDF files of the transactions and attach them to emails sent from their regular email client.

Dear @Tut

I fully understand what this email setting is for, and as you said:

but at moment manager don´t have any other options to setup reply to email address.
That is why this issue arose.
And I’m grateful it’s in the ideas section.

But when a person receives an email, and if they have any questions, they just press the reply button and send the email away. He/she does not check whether the reply address is a company email or not

I absolutely agree with you on that!
Unfortunately, there are no computer skills qualification requirements for a business ovner/manager.

Let’s go back to the beginning, @raivodc100. This topic is about adding a reply-to address to email settings. The developer himself placed your suggestion into the ideas category.

I was responding to your post #2, in which you asked for return of an email address field, implying that was a temporary solution until the reply-to option was added. I pointed out that no email address field had ever been removed.

You responded by saying that if the Username was an email address, you needed the additional field. You went on to connect your supposed need with unsophisticated clients responding directly to emails. I explained that the two things were completely unconnected.

I understand you want a reply-to address. But a login email address that is part of SMTP credentials is not now, never was, and never will be a reply-to address. If you are complaining that the field is not visible when an email address has been entered as a Username, that is because it is then not necessary. And putting some other email address in that field will not furnish a reply-to function. It will, in fact, mean that your email will not work at all.

Dear @Tut

Here You are incorrect. Before SMTP setting update in the manager, such combinations (smtp usernane: and different email, like worked and we were able to send emails without any problems ang Gmail don´t treats such emails as spam. We used this opportunity as long as it was possible to use it.

I don´t know, maybe with updating something more changed and such combination really doesn’t work anymore … i don´t know. Can´t test.

You are correct. Email field used for “From” address. But since there is no reply-to address in the email header, this address is also used as the reply address

I am sorry that I was not very correct in technical terminology and this could have led to a misunderstanding. But as you can see, my English is not at my best. But I’m trying to improve.

Added to the latest version (21.9.7). You can now specify Reply-to address under Email Settings.


Many thanks, @lubos !

Hi @lubos

This change is causing me headaches. Not being able to set the “From:” address separately from the SMTP username is a big issue for me. Even with the “Reply-To:” option, the SMTP account name is being shown on the recipient’s email client as the originating address, and this is confusing. Many, many email-empowered systems permit the user to designate the “From:” address and the SMTP account separately, distinct from the “Reply-To:” address. Even Gmail allows this!

If using a different “From:” address from the SMTP username is causing some users’ outgoing messages to go to spam, it’s not because of Manager. It’s most likely because the users haven’t configured their domain’s SPF record correctly.

Why not provide the possibility for Manager users to specify a separate “From:” address, like before, and if the users find that doing so causes their outgoing messages to go to spam, they can turn it off and rely on the “Reply-To:” option instead? Those of us who know how to deal with SPF settings will at least be able to use Manager’s email feature as we always have.

You’ll find the solution in post #10 by lubos. If you don’t see that option then you’re probably using an older Manager version and you should think about performing an update.

Hi @Jon

Currently, this “Receive email replies at a different address than you send from” option works perfectly for us.
Yes, the recipients of the invoice will see another address, for which we use, but if they reply to such e-mails, the recipient is correst.

If you want that the From address to be correct, like addresses, then gmail treating such e-mails as spam if you using ypour own mailserver for outgoing mail. Our clients who use the manager are unable or unwilling to configure their gmail account to send mail correctly. In this case, we will use our mail server and sender aaddress is (and SMTP credential) is no-reply@ …

And if we used the From address as the gmail address instead of reply-to, then in gmail these messages usually tend to go spam because the DMARC check responds - Failed

Sorry my english, i hope you can understand … :slight_smile:

You’ll find the solution in post #10 by lubos. If you don’t see that option then you’re probably using an older Manager version and you should think about performing an update.

Post #10 refers to setting a Reply-To address. My post was about specifying the From address. These are not equivalent.

And if we used the From address as the gmail address instead of reply-to, then in gmail these messages usually tend to go spam because the DMARC check responds - Failed

This shouldn’t happen if the SPF entry in the DNS record for the sending domain is set correctly to permit messages originating through the designated SMTP server. Manager isn’t responsible for showing people how to do this, but why not restore the capability to set a From address, perhaps with a “use at your own risk” disclaimer? Please don’t remove the functionality for those of us who need it and know how to use it properly, just because some users do not!

Do you have access to google/gmail dns records? :open_mouth:
As such SPF and DMARC records have to setup from google/gmail DNS server if you want use From address