Email Settings after update to latest version

I’m not putting this down as a big problem but just an inconvenience, for this Mac user.

I have noticed that for the last 2 times when I have upgraded to the latest version, the Email settings checkboxes for “Use Custom SMPT Server” and “SMPT Server requires authentication” are no longer checked. When I check these then the previous settings that I had are entered correctly so its not a big deal - just thought I would point it out.

And on a similar subject - one always has to reset the Date Format on upgrading.

Those things shouldn’t happen, even if the fixes are straightforward. I just tried an update from 17.7.41 to 17.7.42. The email smtp settings were not lost. That is, I did not have to recheck any boxes. What version are you on?

I’ll have to wait for another update to test the date format issue. What date format do you use?

Im now on 17.7.41 and it was first time I updated for about 2 months.

Re Date Format - like every country in the world except for USA - I am on DD/MM/YYYY but Manager seems to think I want MM/DD/YYYY

So that means it is coming back to the default. It would be interesting to know whether, if you change the number format or language and then update, those preferences revert to defaults or stay as you set them.

Since 17.7.43 was just released, I changed my number and date formats away from defaults, updated, and relaunched. My non-default changes were preserved.

One thing to explore is the date format for your Mac under Language & Region preferences. Since Manager relies on the operating system for dates, maybe your operating system settings are overriding Manager. Shouldn’t happen, but who knows?