New Date and Settings Behavior

I have upgraded to the latest version of Manager this weekend. This removed the Global Preferences and added the Date and Settings to the Settings Tab.

However, upon upgrading to this version, it changed my preferences from Monday to Sunday as first day of week and more importantly changed the number format to use ,00 whereas I had it set as .00

I think the upgrade should transfer the settings that were originally set in Global Preferences, but failing that I would recommend that the default number format to use is .00 not ,00 as I believe that the vast majority of people use a decimal, not a comma for the pennies or cents etc.

Interesting enough my date format remained unchanged despite the fact that I don’t use the default date format as I prefer the 23-Jan-21

There was nothing that could be transferred. Date and number preferences did not previously exist in business data files, but were stored in the index file. And the index file itself was deprecated when the Preferences tab was eliminated

The need to set these on the new page in Settings was covered in the January newsletter and in all relevant Guides.

I think you may not have realized you changed it. The default format is D-M-YYYY. But D-Mon-YY is only one below on the dropdown list. So it would have been very easy for a slip of the finger to have accidentally resulted in what happened to have been your previous selection.

Regardless, the defaults for all date and number preferences are the first options in their respective dropdown lists. These are settings that need only be selected once. The change is now two weeks old, so all cloud users, a huge proportion of desktop users, and many server users have already passed it by and adapted. I doubt anything will be changed.

People don’t update that quickly. Two weeks might seem a long time to you, but most people only update a couple of times a year.

What I meant was that the settings in the index file be transferred to the business data files upon upgrade.

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