Email Setting | Internal Error

We received following Internal Error while attempting for email setting.

We will appreciate your guidelines to resolve the same.

Read and follow all relevant links in this Guide: Set time format | Manager. If your problem is not solved, provide all the information requested by the Guide.

You are referring to date and time, there is no specific guidelines related to email. We were using single-digit hours now we have edit it to two-digit hours.

We have gone through the guidance of Email transactions & reports | Manager & [Troubleshoot email issues]

We have correctly entered email address, hostname, username and password; we are using port 587. Once we click, Test email settings above error appears.

Following are additional information

  1. Cloud edition
  2. Windows 10, 64 bit

After updating the time, follow error still appears

I apologize. I accidentally pasted the wrong link into my message. But you found the correct Guide (the second one you posted). Did you follow all relevant links in it based on your email provider? Did you Update your email settings before testing?

It is not possible to offer further suggestions since you have not shown your settings.

Don’t be. I can understand, you are assisting so many including my many queries :smile:

Yes, I did.

I hope you can understand the privacy. Let me know specific, what you want to know.

We have shared the same to our IT dept.; email setting is okay. It is responded that some error in line no. 87.

The error may give Lubos enough information to remove the internal error.

To get your email working

  • email service provider (which protocol & ports they support, as well as extra authentication procedures required)

  • port set in Manager

  • system Manager is running on (cloud, own server, desktop & Windows / Mac / linux & operating system version)

@Rajwani looks like misconfigured SSL. Can you try or similar site and test hostname of your mail server? Do you get a pass?

Hi, Lubos i am colleague of Rajwani, we had tried all the possibilities but unable to configure email settings, our mail server is hosted at inspedium and they are using port 26 for SMTP.

can you please help us in adding port 26 in email settings so that we can relay.

thanks in advance.

Rehan Ali.

The Inspedium website says it supports email on ports 25 and 26


@Rehan_Ali Thank you for your support.

@lubos We have successfully tested email configuration from one of group email ID. However, we are still struggling to integrate desire ID and may there could be some port issue as discussed earlier. We will try to resolve the matter and if needed your assistance, will come back to you.

Thank you for your assistance!!