Email internal error

email problem

You need to provide far more information as per guidelines if you want help.

1. Give basic details

  • Manager version?
  • Manager edition (Desktop, Cloud or Server)?
  • OS (Linux, Windows or MacOS)?

2. Then explain in detail

  • What is it that you try to do?
  • When does the error occurs?
  • Provide complete screenshots. The one you showed does not provide enough information to drill down to the issue. latest version updated
Desktop version
when I want to Send Email its give this error

Windows? Linux? MacOS?

Send an email how, give the precise steps.

In any case internal errors should be considered a bug.

You also should have create a new topic because this is not the right place. I flagged your post as Off-Topic.

The first line of the error message would seem to indicate that your email setting is incorrect

Try to check Do not verify TLS certificate option when in SMTP Settings. The error looks like it’s because TLS certicate on SMTP server is invalid or not trusted.


I have the same problem I downloaded the latest version this morning v23.7.26.925

it says in red - Internal error
please help

Have you followed lubos’s suggestion ?