Email Not Sending

I recently changed my gmail password. Up to that point I had no issues with sending emails through Manager. However, as soon as I updated it in the program I received error messages and am now unable to send any.

I am using a laptop with Windows 10 as well as the Cloud version of Manager. All I did was change the password and clicked the update button and received the following:

I thought maybe it was my firewall so I disabled that and received the same message. I also disabled my 2-step verification in google…although I was using the 2-step with no problems prior to the password change, so I’m not sure how this would be relevant, but I did it anyway “just in case”…still got the same error message.

I went to the Manager “email troubleshoot” guide to compare my screen to that in the guide…and it is the same. Although it should be because, like I said before, it worked BEFORE I changed my password.

Has anyone else had this issue that could provide some guidance? I’m hoping it’s a simple step that I missed.


Google is blocking Manager.

As you have changed your password you are likely to need a new machine password or Google authorization

Have you tried redoing the gmail set up for Manager to re authorize Manager in Google

That was the step I was missing…it worked. Thank you!!!