Email CC option

i have one question i am using email setup of manager io
but if i have to cc some one else how it is possible because only one option is enable which is send a copy of emil address if i have to add another person how can i cc my manager in the body of mail

please search the forum before posting new topics.
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when i entered , in send a copy there is an error occured

And first read the corresponding guide by searching for email. :point_up_2: How hard is that? :roll_eyes:

i want to entered only one email in TO ****
and 2 emails in send a copy header

please do not expect an accounting software to have all features of an email program.

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Although I have nothing personal against Cc, I do think the Cc is just more of the same if you ask me. It’s not like it’s BCC.

Everybody will receive the same message anyway and can tell who else got the message.

What I would do is avoid addressing the email to “All” and instead use the greetings with the specific person’s name.

This works fine for me and I hope you find that useful as well.

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