BCC for emails

Can we have a standard BCC field for all emails?

It is not possible as far as know know. However you can add more emails to send to by using comma and adding more email addresses.

In two previous topics, @lubos talked about having a BCC field for outgoing emails. In one posting in Nov '13, he said the feature was about to be implemented.

Did it never happen, did it come and go away again, or can I just not find it?

(I’m looking for a way either to have all outgoing emails be BCC’ed to my company’s gmail account for archival purposes, or to be able to set a BCC – and, ideally, a CC as well – for individual outgoing emails. The Emails log in Manager is great, too, but it doesn’t include a frozen copy of the invoice, and it would also still be nice to have the full BCC copy for documentation purposes.)