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I have just updated my desktop version to 21.11.69 and now there is no option to be able to send my invoices as a PDF attachment only a link. This is no good for me as I do not have my computer connected to the internet all the time. Are you able to put the option of the PDF attachment back on please.

Thanking you in advance.

You can use Print button to Print to PDF, then send the PDF using your regular email client.

Yes this is what I am currently doing. Was just hoping the option to send directly from manager as a PDF again would be an option…


I thought the capability was to be maintained via the “Legacy Features” tab option

@Patch yes, but I do not recommend it because it is unsupported feature at this point. If it works, OK.

@eko When you click Send the email, it will be sent as PDF attachment if internal PDF generator is enabled.

OK, help me understand the impact to desktop version users here.

If in you ever drop the legacy version functionality with the pdf attached, what use is a link you send to a customer for an invoice that simply attempts to open… in the customers browser. There is no server so there is no useable link! If I’m following this correctly then the desktop version will soon become a legacy feature itself!

Clarification please!

@alasdair emailing directly from desktop edition without having internal PDF generator enabled is basically not possible. You’d need to Print to PDF and then send resulting PDF using your normal email client. Basically what @tracy said they are already doing.

Wow - that is simply not workable. I have been a big fan of Manager for a long time. The (hopefully) unintended consequences of this change are not good. Sounds like potentially time for desktop users to look for an alternative to Manager before it becomes unusable for us :-(.

I suspect sending invoices and receipts to customers is for most desktop user a critical function and loss of this (requiring a one-by-one exercise via an email client) may potentially kill the use case for many of us. I think this needs to really be put out there for discussion so that the desktop version folks can understand the writing on the wall :frowning:

I’ve also expressed severe doubts about the use of Manager if this feature is no longer enabled. Thankfully, in the desktop version, you can select PDF in your email settings and the workflow continues as it always did with no need to …

  1. Print to PDF
  2. find out the email addresses of the persons you are sending the invoice to
  3. find the invoice file
  4. attach the PDF and
  5. send.

Indeed - for now, but we clearly need to be very wary of installing any new version going forward and begin to think about a plan for a long term solution/replacement. I grabbed current app install versions from GitHub.

I would rather use the postal mail services if the internal pdf generator is removed and Manager no longer supports sending emails directly from the program. That is much easier than trying to print as pdf, giving it a name, opening a email client, adding the recipient address, subject, customising the body of the email suitable for the document, attaching the document to the email and sending it. Repeat this for every document and every recipient.

There is no scarcity of free accounting programs in the market, needless to say programs customised for local jurisdictions, and it is painful to see Manager dropping features which makes it standout from the rest.

The exact same is the case for all other versions. The internal PDF generator is a legacy feature and needs to be enabled there but is not further supported.

Just as a word of warning - I just sent an invoice email via gmail - but it failed to send with some unintelligible error message.
A few days earlier, I had turned on Google 2-step verification. Turning this off allowed the email to be sent successfully.

@clive if you are using 2-step verification, you need to generate app specific password as per the guide: Google Gmail | Manager

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@eko … Yes and no. If on a server version when customer clicks a link that can open image on server. On desktop version there is no server so links in emails have nowhere to go.

Hi lubos, Just letting you know that my clients have advised me that they are receiving an attached PDF with their emails, even though it does not show it from my end. I made sure that the PDF was ticked in the Legacy Features. Thank you all is well at my end again. :slight_smile: Tracy