View invoice, payslip with tracking codes

My request to view purchase invoice, payslip, sales invoice with tracking codes.

Tracking codes are how business is internally organized. Putting tracking codes on sales invoice or payslip seems pointless as these documents are given to customers and employees. They are not concerned about tracking codes.

You right,am not given to customer or employee,But before edit i have to view payslip or purchase invoice because system working very slow if i click at edit button to change any thing.
If the payslip or purchase invoice have more than 15 records manger working very very slow.
If you fix this problem,no need to view tracking cods

Thanks for your support

The software is working extremely smooth and fast even with thousands of invoices from my pc. What edition and version are you using?


I mean 15 records or more in same invoice , purchase invoice,Payslip.
My operating system windows 7 Ultimate


Sorry, I still don’t get your problem. I did a test run with an invoice with 15 or more items in it, even then the software still runs smoothly without any lagging. Have you tried reinstall the software?


Thanks for your support and patient,In fact i run manger in two computers still i facing same problem also my items in most of purchases invoices more than 40 items, Loading very slow.
before i install manger in my computer my old software quick books .
quick books loading in my computer very fast.
I like manger because support Arabic language ,nice reports and interface especially for tracking codes.

Again thanks and nice aday

Your problem needs to be solved by @lubos.

@dalco, if you have many line items on single invoice, then opening editing screen could be slower. Depends on operating system and speed of computer.

Also why do you need to check tracking codes on existing invoices? If you want to make sure you didn’t miss to select tracking code on any transaction, then use Tracking Codes Exception Report under Reports tab.

Anyway, there will be more optimization in future to address slowness issue with too many line items.

I need it for printing .

Yes i can use Tracking Codes Exception to check if any tracking cods missing but easy way to view the invoice and add tracking cods.

But my question why if i wont to edit any invoice system working very slow.
In others software i am not facing this problem.
This problem coming from java .
Anyway thanks

Editing invoices with many line items (let’s say more than 20) will be slow to load. It depends on how fast is your computer but even on the fastest computers, there will be performance issue especially if you are using Windows.

I do plan to optimize for this use-case so loading will be fast but it’s not something too urgent as it’s only affecting small subset of users.


Thanks for you
It is not very urgent right now but all software user can print purchase invoice,sales invoive or bill with Jobs.
I am using tracking code as job because its same. all my Items more than 40 line items or i am paying salary for all employees in one payment voucher,our labors more than 60 employees.

I think to view purchase invoice or payment voucher good idea

Thanks for your interest and support