Does it have an API?

Is it part of the product roadmap to provide an user api to do simple things like, create an invoice , etc? I believe that would be a must have for many users, since we probably rely on a third party service to generate the invoice.


It’s actually possible now although there is no formal API and no documentation how to interact with Manager programatically other than reverse-engineer how to make proper HTTP requests.

I guess I could add limited scope RESTful API as proof of concept and then keep extending the scope based on demand. Do you or anyone else have immediate need for something like this?

It might also be good to have a custom module addon for developers to create custom modules for industry specific requirements.


Perhaps exposing a plugin SDK would be more suitable for the requirements? That would provide some level of sandboxing, I would think

I would love a RESTful API so that I can automatically create sales orders from e-commerce web orders. Also, being able to check/sync stock status (once it’s possible to track inventory levels of course).

P.S. Thank you so much for Manager, and for making it available on all platforms!

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I will add some API (at least the one with limited scope) sometime in January.

Just to take a step further to last message…

We run a small web design company and we are interested in recommending your program to our eCommerce clients.

We would like to call up stock levels and also raise invoices with customer order on website.

Ofcourse the inventory plugin is still under construction, it would be very interesting if a website can sync with your application.


I would be interested in an API to automate sales transaction entry from eBay sales. Is there anything available as yet?

I didn’t end up releasing API in January, it ended up being a lot of work so rather than making API something that is an afterthought and something that always needs to keep catching up, I’m working on new Embedded edition.

Embedded edition will be free .NET library that will be able to read/write .manager files and of course all other editions (desktop/cloud/server) are going to access .manager files through this library. This is to ensure that if anything is possible in Manager, it will be possible through this API interface too (see diagram)

  1. Will it be possible to communicate with manager in a way? Think rest interface, or perhaps some kind of scripting support?
  2. Separating the api/core from the interface opens another possibility: Open sourcing the interface, and pull improvements from 3rth parties. Would that be something worth considering?
  1. It will be possible to provide RESTful interface but that will need to be facilitated by third-party software. RESTful API will require server while embedded edition will be server-less so this is out of scope.
  2. That is actually long-term plan. That’s one of the reasons why it will be available at no cost.

So you say any clients of your service would have to be a .net application.
Would it be possible to develop that with Monodevelop on linux?

Yes, the library is 100% managed code and Monodevelop on Linux will be fully supported.

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Ten thousand awesome points for you Lubos! :smiley:

How is the Embedded Edition progressing? It sounds very exciting, I’d love to be able to use it. :slight_smile:

I’m working on it. It’s really a matter of decoupling API from the program. Hopefully next month I will be able to start releasing .NET library separately.


Any idea of when the first version of the .NET library will be released?


I am also eagerly waiting for this feature. Any rough eta?

I would like to integrate Manager into my existing systems in order to generate invoices and send them out… etc. This would make Manager useful to SAAS apps.

This would save so much time from rolling your own invoicing system.

Would love to see how it is progressing! Great feature