Sales invoice - option to change default account

Currently, the default account under sales invoice is “Suspense”. But most of the time,
we use “Inventory - sales” while generating the sales invoice.

Is there a option to change the default account to “Invotory - sales” under sales invoice?

I know there is option to create “Sales invoice item” and then we can directly use that
sales invoice item. But that involves duplicating same “Inventory Items” under
"Sales invoice item" and “Purchase invoice item”. That is a pain if we want to change/add
something in future.

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Actually that is a very good idea. I use inventory-sales pretty much all the time. It would make sense to have a default sales and purchase account for each business. Only drawback is that if people forget to change the suspense account!

I’m planning some changes to inventory. I will probably move inventory items under Items field so account will be chosen explicitly if inventory item is selected.

That will work nicely too. Thanks

Thanks, that will help.

For now, we are planning to add same inventory items under “Sales/Purchase Invoice Items” as well.
When the “Inventory items” are displayed under “Item” field during “Sales/Purchase Invoice”,
would there be duplicate entries (as we will same entries under both “Inventory Items” and
"Sales/Purchase Invoice Items)?

Any approximate date when this enhancement would be ready?

You could create an Sales inventory item, enter the Inventory sales in account field and leave the item field blank. Then when you create sales invoice and choose this Sales inventory item, the default suspense account will be replaced by inventory sales, and the item field apperars.

This looks trivial since you still have to do something extra, but if you also have other Sales inventory items like services, costs (like postal) or products not in inventory, which use different accounts, it will be handy.

It could be even better if @lubos would supply an product group to Inventory and Sales inventory items. Then the item field on Sales invoice could be filtered by choosen sales inventory item whilst showing right account when creating Sales invoice.

Thanks @Hans for your workaround. In our case, we display sales inventory item name (in English) in the sales invoice and description (same product name in native language). If we have product description (both in English and native language) and disable displaying the item name in the sales invoice (which we can do through the template), that will work.

Looks like it has same problem i.e. we need to select two entries during the sales invoice (for each product).