E-mailing invoices


There seems to be a problem with version 16.11.41

If you create an invoice you can e-mail it straight away, but if you edit it or use your own template after the edit the e-mail option disappears??

Very awkward if you have to send copy invoices etc.

Don’t use View Templates anymore. That feature is now obsolete. There is new concept called Themes.

I think this transition is a bit confusing. I’m going to do something about this very soon.

So, should we on Macs download the software again now?

Personally, I would recommend it. Themes were introduced about a week ago, with custom themes a couple days later. There were numerous bugs identified, and they’ve been addressed pretty quickly, with close to 20 updates in that time frame.

Thankyou…I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes!

Thanks for that, I am converting over to themes