Can't email invoices while using legacy view template

Hi guys, I’ve recently become unable to email invoices from version 15.6.90 on OSX.

I tried upgrading to the latest version of Manager and the new themes option isn’t compatible with the old View Templates HTML markup.

The problem now is, if I use the legacy View Template - the option to ‘email’ disappears, meaning we have to try to save as a pdf them manually open an email client and attached the PDF which is a lot of extra steps.

Otherwise I have to send using the new themes which are far off-brand look and feel and will take time (I don’t have at the moment) to rebuild and test before using.

Is there anyway to download an OSX version 16.XX from before the themes option was introduced?

No. There is no way to download obsolete versions. The reason the email option disappeared is that Manager previously used an external, 3rd-party PDF generator when emailing invoices. Just before themes were introduced, PDF generation was switched to an internal generator, so the program is now self-contained. Ultimately, the new themes offer a much more professional, consistent, yet flexible look across all forms, not just sales invoices. And the internal PDF generator will enable future improvements, such as bulk invoice generation for recurring sales invoices.

While all of us have our own preferences, you may find that using your regular email client actually grows on you. You have much more control over content, signatures, tracking, recalling, etc. As a Mac user, you also have the advantage of having PDF generation built into the standard system printer driver rather than having to use a 3rd-party PDF generator.

@Tut thanks for the reply. The reasons for the changes make sense for future proofing etc. It’s just a bit annoying that functionality broke without users doing anything different to usual - it just stopped working without warning.

As cited I can continue to go through my email client but that is less efficient.

While I appreciate this software and the developers who maintain it - the lack of warning when things might break makes future use of the product seem more risky. Integrating supporting notifications into future releases so you let users know 'this function will be defunct from insert date would be useful going forward. (Sunrise calendar did something like that to tell users they were closing shop in advance).

After spending hours converting a view template HTML markup into themes - I have to conclude that the new themes feature is sub standard. I simply cannot recreate my current invoice largely due to the amount of loop variables within this new setup.

There’s no way to reference values in the array loops using index values. This seems like a backwards move.

Can the ability to email PDFs - using legacy View Template, be restored in a future update? Does anyone else out there feel the same?