Dutch translation ubuntu 19.04 + number format missing manager.io 19.10.21

manager io Version 19.10.21 desktop ubuntu 19.04
At windows are better translations then ubuntu version. Many terms are at ubuntu still in English and not in Dutch while at windows it is excellent.

also the typical numberformat is not possible at ubuntu. Instead of . you only can choose for spaces.
999 999 999,99
but should be 999.999.999,99

How can I solve this?

Select your number format preference according to the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/9155?utm_source=app. The option you want is available.

Your comments about translation are not clear. Translation of Manager has nothing to do with the operating system, whether Windows or Ubuntu. Language preference is set according to this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/9156. Translation of terms in Manager is done by teams. Dutch is 100% translated. If you do not agree with the translation, volunteer to join the translation team. See https://www.manager.io/translations/.

Well there is a huge difference between the windows version and the ubuntu version.

Hi Tut,
Thanks for your reply I agree it is unlikely that it is an issue for the translation team. But there is still a issue and that is operating system dependend.
Windows has a .msi download and for ubuntu there is a Manager.AppImage download.
The Window msi download has great Dutch translations. The ubuntu appimage download not.

So my only simple conclusion is that there is an issue with the Manager.AppImage because many Dutch translations are missing at ubuntu.
Also there are missing format preferences in the Manager.AppImage download.

I do not know what happened but after changing language to english and back to dutch it seems to work fine.

No, there is not. Manager runs the identical software on all platforms, because it operates as a browser, even in the desktop edition.

Hi Tut, I quoted your reply. !00% is correct and incorrect. That what is in the translation-table is 100% translated into Dutch. I take care of this as a translator, but there is still text hardcoded. A couple of years ago I have send @Lubos a list with all the hardcoded text. He promised to correct this. Never heard or seen anything of it since.
Here is just an example (screenshot) of what I mean:


“Title” and “Groups to collapse” is apparently hardcoded text.

Technically you can not run the ubuntu download at windows and the windows download at ubuntu. Conclusion: ubuntu download is technically different from the windows download

“Huge” was in the context of threat translations but that is marked as solved/not reproducible.

The downloaded bundles may be different in order to make the program run on different operating systems. But the program itself is the same.