Columnar Tracking Code wise P&L and balance sheet

Dear Team,

Is there anyway to generate P&L ,B/S and other reports mentioned under Report Tab at one go, I mean on one screen in all tracking code wise in columunar form?

What do you mean by this? Please explain. Why would you want to print all reports in one go?

Tracking Code is used for Project wise bifurcation of all Income & Expenditure.
I want this report for comparing the data.

I have 41 sites where I allocate my expenses and income so I wanted to generate a report having project wise bifurcation at one go.

Refer the image I have attached (There in the first row instead of months I want my different Projects).

and I don’t want to take print, I just want to export the data, but people who have 2-4 units they can take print though.

As far as my knowledge goes, I don’t think Manager offers you the possibility to export or print the data in the format as shown in your image.

manger does allow to export data. i.e copy and paste into excel.

You can do what you want by adding comparative columns for the different tracking codes. For example:


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ohhkkkkzzz…thanks a lot @Tut
This option is available in Custom report, right?

This option is available in the P&L standardreport

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Thanks @Hennie :slight_smile: