Due Balance against invoice ref number should be shown in the Amount box

Now, it’s not working logically. When I select another invoice reference number, the figure(in the amount box) is not changing. Rather, the old figure is being shown. But it should be changed automatically and replaced with the actual figure of the due balance of the selected invoice reference number. It will be time-saving.



It’s a serious matter. I think developer team should start working with this issue. If we are to write down the figure or correct it manually, what is the use of software.
Please, take it with importance.


@Mahfuzur_Rahman, you cannot always expect answers within hours of editing your post. Forum members are located all around the world in different time zones.

That is because the program has no way of knowing what you intend. You might have received 20,000 and originally posted it against one invoice. If you realize you should have posted against a different invoice, that does not mean the amount you received has changed. Remember that you are dealing in your example with the receipt, not with the invoice.

If you want invoice amounts automatically filled to match the balance due, you should begin with the sales invoice and click the New Receipt button on the View screen. Then the amount will be correct.

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@Shohag, you do not have to do that. As I told the other member, View the sales invoice and click the New Receipt button.

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Thanks for your kind response. I know what you have written here. Yes, I can follow this way. But probably I have failed to present the actual problem. I think somehow developer team skipped this issue while developing this software. I want- however and whenever I change the invoice reference number, I want to get the actual figure against the invoice reference number in the amount box. It must be change. The old figure (of previous invoice reference number) can no longer be there.

You missed my main point, @Shohag. The amount is there because you put it there by an action you took. The program is not going to change the results of your action.

There are many places throughout the program where similar behavior can be seen. The developer did not overlook this. The program was designed this way.