Downloading updates

How often does everybody download the updates?. I find I am doing it every morning and sometimes evening when I finish. and because the updates are not updated in releases on the website. I dont know if I need them to fix a bug or if new feature.
So how often does everyone update

By the way not complaining as I think the continual improvements are awesome means always improving

There is no need to update daily. I often go 2 or 3 months without updating Manager.

Most of the Manager updates are completely transparent to the end user and usually offers no direct benefit as they are usually very minor bug fixes to the coding.

Once every few months is fine to update Manager. Just periodically review the releases page to see what is new that might interest you and update then

I never used to but Lubos has been very busy making improvements thick and fast and the minor bug fixes to the coding I never know when it will affect something I am doing.
Thanks for your input dalacor hopefully others will answer its good to get a general consensus

I usually download once or twice a week but don’t actually install for use for a couple of days, just in case there are issues that may affect me. I have another computer that I do update as I download to play around with just in case. This gives me the option to roll back a few days if I have to.

Thats a good Idea I have an external hard drive that I move the old one to I keep the last 3

I download and install the latest version on the last day of each month.

I think the version on the Download page jumps ahead of the version shown under Releases on the website because they integrate translation updates into the program - that’s just my observations from translating for a localized version myself and it takes about 24 hours to see the translation updated with a new downloadable version.


There are only three reasons to update a program

Security Update
Bug Fix
New Feature that you want to use

Unless you have a bug that affects you personally, I don’t think bug fixes in Manager are relevant. 99% of the bug fixes in Manager have no affect either way on my use of Manager.

I think that Manager is quite a secure program compared to many, so security is hardly an issue.

So that leaves a feature update or improvement that interests you which tend to come out every 3 or 4 months.

Remember if it aint broke, don’t fix it!

I used to have a look on the download webpage every day to see if there was an update and installed it when there was. However, the last ones take a lot of time to install (today’s v20.7.13 took a whopping 23 minutes) compared with the v20.5.x 1 to 2 minutes’ updates for about the same file size (13.8 MB), so I’m thinking about installing them once a week or month.

Anybody else noticed the enormous increase in install time?

Probably your computer was installing a big update from Windows update or Apple update depending on what OS you have. This would affect install time for Manager. It’s not likely that Manager itself would suddenly require 20 minutes install time. I would suspect either a conflict with your anti virus or your pc was doing a big update at the time.

Probably? Well, I’m sure it wasn’t 'cos Microsoft’s updates are released on tuesdays. Manager’s updates don’t affect system files either. And an antivirus program blocks suspicious files and doesn’t slow an installation down.

BTW, yesterday I installed the update for WinSCP and it took 23 seconds. I’m going to see what will happen the next time I update Manager.

I asked if other people encountered the same slowness. Nobody’s answered so I guess I’m the only one. :smiley:

I just downloaded V 20.7.14 and no bother at all - using Windows 10 Home V 1910 Build 18363.900 on a slowish laptop

On my Windows 10 desktop it usually take less than a minute to install but on the laptop it could be 2 or 3

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Appreciate your answer, Joe.