Download Server slow

Downloading the Appimage new version from the link are so slow in the moment, it shoult take 1h.

Whats wrong with the downlaoadpage? The downloadspeed is too slow.
Speedtest of my network with 99 mbits is Ok.
I deletet all cookies, try with all browsers, or in terminal, but 2 h for 53mb?

Nothing wrong with the downloads here

Windows 64bit 98,239 KB 20 secs
Mac 61,619 KB 13 secs
Linux 54,196 KB 14 secs

So not a server problem

I found out that it seems to be a problem with the route from the server to the destination. the german telekom seems to have some problems and is in contact with amazon.
We are not direct customers of telekom, but that is not important.
Your package is hosted on the server even if you uploaded it to github.
I could only get around it by using a webproxy to redirect the download.
Nicht nur euer paket ist davon betroffen, auch pakete aus dem AUR die ebenso auf github liegen und auf dem selben server gehostet sind betroffen.

Post on deskmodder

Post at telekom