Issue in manager cloud version speed

Hi there,

Using desktop version as trial for the past few days. I am now willing to move on to cloud version.

But the cloud version trial that i just installed and have used for since the past 3 days is considerably quite slow compared to the desktop edition. If i switch to paid cloud feature after like 2 days or so;
Will i observe an increase in the software’s speed ?

Currently i have 1430 products 600 customers list and 5 invoices generated in the trial cloud version, and the page loading is very slow (comparing to the desktop edition) it takes almost more than 2-4 seconds for every/any page that i switch to or load.

Should i instead opt for the server edition ? As i have no technical staff, i was trying to implement the cloud version for ease of use and the desktop speed was what attracted me so much

in desktop version all page loading happens locally. so here the speed of Manager depends on your desktop speed.

in cloud version all page loading happens online over the internet. so the speed of Manager will depend on your internet speed.

You made it sound very simple lol. Thank you, so theoretically if i upgrade my internet speed by 5x i should note the same increase in my cloud hosted page loading speed ? The reason i asked this is because i thought maybe for the trial version the servers used were lower specs (as for a trial phase for the customer) and then the paid versions would be different

theoretically, yes.

you may want to test running on a system with better internet speed and see if that is the actual issue.
if not, we will try to solve accordingly.

Elimination is the process here.

First thing - go to Speedtest and see what your speed actually is. If you get more than 15mb downloads, you should not see any issues

Eliminate wireless issues - plug directly into lan and switch off wireless
Eliminate Internet problem - try at home, at a friend etc
Eliminate computer/laptop - try another device and see if same issue
Eliminate browser - Try Firefox, Chrome etc
Eliminate Firewalls - If using something like Norton Firewall.
Eliminate anti virus - turn off anti virus etc
Eliminate proxy server - if using a proxy server at work, this would be the first thing that I would check as proxy servers don’t work well with a lot of online programs.

Note: Upgrading your Internet from 20MB to say 80Mb will not mean a four fold increase in speed. File download speeds will be faster, but there are other factors such as the response time (in milliseconds) for the website to respond to requests. This is a frequent problem with some ISP’s such as Sky etc and changing your broadband provider would solve this issue.

Note: There should be no difference in speed between trial and paid for versions on the cloud. It would be very difficult from a technical point of view to provide different users different speeds for cloud access of this type and would be pointless if the aim is to win customers via the trial version if the trial version is so slow as to put people off using the paid for product.

In short, you need to do a process of elimination.

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