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I have to say, that I have made it a habit of mine, to introduce EVERYONE I know and meet, to

So, I met today with a supplier of mine who didn’t listen to me some months ago and he went out and bought another accounting software, he now regrets.

I was conversing with him about production orders and how his life will become better with .

His manufactures and sells build to order, hydraulic hoses.
The thing is that there are SO MANY types and differences in the subject that he is using the same code for selling a build to order hose, and he just changes the description of it, so the customer that bought three of them, will know which one costed that much.


Lets say I go to him and order :
a) A 2SN type hose, 3,2meters long , with a pressurised joint type 1/2 , and another one type BSP A1/2
Thats actually 3 pruducts
a) the hose
b) the joint type 1/2
c) and the join type bsp a1/2

He will invoice me a
code 00-002-01
item description 2SN hose with pressurised joints ,1/2 3,2- BSP A1/2

and he will do that, because he thinks its too much work to use the production order and sales invoice items, for each item, 20 times a day for each customer.

He says it would be nice if
a)when typing on the invoice, to choose 2-3 products, and merge them into a single one, easily from the invoice.
b) those products he chose, to be removed from the stock
c) a new product to be created from those three.

and then move on to a new product he will sell.

He told me that would be the best way, because he might have to print an invoice with 10 different hoses, that would have 3 different products each combined into one, and that he might not need to sell the EXACT same programs maybe ever.

I am “SO CLOSE” to get him to ditch his current software.

So my suggestion/question
Do you think you could implement an easy way to do such a thing? Or if not, make it so, the sales invoice items , supplier invoice items, and production orders to be able to be used from inside an invoice?

Best Regards,
Your passionate fan and user

This feature has been already implemented. It’s called Inventory kits (under Settings tab).

Inventory kits are basically automatic production orders. They get automatically produced upon sale.

:open_mouth: So ashamed. I thought I knew every little corner in here.

There are some things that could make inventory kits unbelievably great.

a)This is calculating the cost or the sale price of the final product, by adding the costs or sell prices of the ones used if the price cell of the inventory kit is empty and this should be appear when selecting the inventory kit on the invoice.

b)But even better, it should add the prices on spot, and update the price cell immediately, just in case you need to tell the client over the phone quickly, how much that inventory kit would cost, then it could give you the option to change the selling price, and or add , manufactuing costs, like in production orders.

c)Then we could have an option to “create AND add” this inventory item, on the spot, in an invoice or offer, or order.

Don’t tell me this is not a brilliant feature?
We are talking about being ahead of the competition right here.

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