A possible bug on Production order

Hello Manager users!

I use the manager io program for a manufacturing company
and am experiencing some problems with inventory quantity and production order.

What happened was that the quantity of raw material decreased somehow causing Production order to recognize insufficient quantity as in the picture attached and ultimately resulting in COGS not recognized due to insufficient quantity of inventory produced.

We have stopped the production a few months ago and always lock the system as of the last day of the month so there is no way someone manually adjust my system quantity.

I have waited about a week as errors like this often occur while updating but due to monthly closing that is ahead, I have no choice but to ask for help on the forum.

Has anyone experienced similar troubles or knows how to solve these??

With Regards,

please read the below topic. you can provide more details about your issue if you find anything other than the intended behavior as explained in the topic.

Did you read the new Guide: Understand insufficient quantity on a production order | Manager? It was previously possible for insufficient quantities to go unnoticed and never be remedied. Now, you will have to fix previous errors, even if that means temporarily unlocking past transactions.