Displaying customers in each division

I use Manager 21.9.19. I set up 5 division for one account in Manager and created some customers in each division. I’d like to see total number of customers in each division. Is there anybody could help me how to get that?
Many thanks for your help!

I would advise to first upgrade to today’s version (v21.11.43) at Download | Manager
Did you try to generate Customer reports by division, if not sufficient information try to attempt first to create a customs report. If stuck you should post a screenshot of the effort you made.

Hi eko,

Thanks for replying!
I didn’t find any reports of customer by division on that version (21.9.19). I’ll just have a look if the version you recommended has one.

There is no in-built report which will help you get a list of customers allocated to divisions. Your only option is to try creating a custom report.

That is not true, You can select a division under customer reports and it will only list those in that division just try @sharpdrivetek .

@eko if I leave Division blank in the Customer Summary report then I can see data. If I add a specific division then the report is blank.

@clive, do you have customers assigned to divisions?

@Tut - er…no but I do now and, of course, it works !! Thanks

Hi eko,
I just updated Manager and tried to generate a customer report by choosing one division. However, the names of customer didn’t appear. The report displayed the title, period, division’s name, opening balance and closing balance.
I haven’t created any transactions (sales invoice) yet for each customer. Could it be the reason I couldn’t find any names of customer?

Yes. Why do you expect Manager to report anything if you have no transactions?

I believe the initial question by @siscodisco was to get a list of customers grouped by divisions and not create customer reports based on divisions. so my reply was based on that.

Hi Tut,

We have some transaction with customers that did walk-in payment. In that case, we just create a receipt instead of issuing an invoice. When I want to see the list of them on report/customer summary, I couldn’t find any. It seems that only invoiced customers could be listed on that report.
Anyway, thanks for your reply!

A business with a similar customer base from time to time … not wanting an invoice has been setup as a generic customer called “cash”. This walk in type customer can be called anything you want really as long as you can easily identify the generic customer quickly in Manager. Usually these types of customers are in a rush …. Then generate the invoice using the generic customer and receipt against the generic invoice. The customer will walk away happy knowing they have not given any personal information away during the Manager transaction and have a cash invoice / receipt as proof of their purchase in case of a return.
This way you will get the reporting you are after.

Only defined customers show up in reports. You can sell to them using only receipts. But they must be defined as customers first.


I’m still having problem with generating customers report. I’ve tried 2 ways to do through:

  1. Customer Summary (and select division).
  2. Custom Reports.

The first way didn’t display any customers’ information. On the heading section, it shows Opening Balance and Closing Balance without any amounts. The second way successfully displays customers’ name. However, one customer appears more than one (could be up to six). Please take a look at the attached screenshots.

Could anyone help me how to generate customer report properly?
Many thanks for your help.

you need to explain what you mean by customer report first. all commonly used reports related to customers are already available by default.

Hi Sharpdrivetek,

I’d like to see customer’s name one by one and their code in each division. I thought I would find them by clicking the customer summary report, select the period and division.

Anyway, I think I just found what suits my need. I just copy all customers data to clipboard, then paste and edit it on spreadsheet.

Many thanks for all replies to this thread!