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Can we add division on Sales Invoice Tab

We used to track the Sales and receivables ticket wise, division wise etc. Sale and Receivable reports are available separately but we could not trace if an items is sold to x customer, how much AR is pending for that particular item or from particular division. We would appreciate your guidance to retrieve such information. [E.g. Item A is sold for 1,000 to Customer Y & Z each with Division P & Q for 500 each, both the customers has paid 250 and rest is outstanding so a report should be there to give complete view of such transactions and make strong follows for receivable on the one hand and to rational the need for further promotion or discontinue the product etc].

What you ask is not feasible, because that is not how divisions work. Sales invoices are not assigned to divisions. But customers, inventory items, and individual line items on sales orders can be. Financial statements can then be defined for divisions. Those financial reports are clickable so you can drill down to see the transactions contributing for the division in question.

Not all reports yet accommodate divisions, but that was announced as the plan.

Thank you for your response.

But then how we can retrieve information as mentioned in the above example. Can you assist on that please!