Customer Summary report by Custom field

Is it possible to run the report by custom field (Like an extra classification custom field in the customer profile), not only by division?

I always am puzzled by these questions. You show a screenshot, it is clear what the program can do and then there is somehow a request to do more than it currently does. Maybe it is cultural differences but it may be more productive to just say:

At the moment Customer Surveys can only optionally be shown by Division, would it not be a good idea to also do this by custom field. I ask because this would help with so and so (use case).

I have no idea what to reply to this, you made it a cultural difference issue now, I asked kindly a simple question.
All clients are coming in this report, and I want to add another classification custom field for specific types of clients like by city, company size, or given discount…etc.

You show a screenshot where clearly you can only select a division so it is not possible at this moment to run the report by custom field.

So my advise was to ask to extend this functionality to include custom report and give reasons why this would be important, make sense, the so called “use case”.

Thank you!