Display unpaid invoices at the top

Hello. I recently had to reinstall manager, and got a newer version then the one I was previously using. Before, all unpaid invoices would default to the top of the Sales Invoices list. Now, they stay chronological, so an unpaid invoice will drop down as new invoices are entered, unless I click on ‘status’. Is there a way to set them back to having all unpaid at the top? Thanks.

This is the result of now being able to control your display through the Edit Columns feature. Since the program no longer knows in advance what will be displayed, the old sorting algorithm no longer makes sense. The old sorting parameters might no longer be displayed, so the display could appear random.

As a result, there is no way to revert to the obsolete behavior. But you can control the order in which columns are presented, which could make Status more obvious.

Thanks for the info. What do you mean by control the order in which the columns are presented?

Click on Edit Columns. You can drag the headings to different order.

Yes but how would that put my unpaid invoices at the top of the column?

I did not say it would. I said it could make Status more obvious (by appearing first). You can also sort by Status by clicking on the Status heading.