Sales Invoices not in any order

When accessing my Sales Orders, they never seem to be in any order. I would prefer that they appear with the latest at the top, but it seems completely random and unsorted. I have tried to work out what order they are in but can’t seem to see it. Is there a way of ordering them? I know you can click on the heading for the columns, but it would be easier if it was automatic

Your subject is about sales invoices. Your post is about sales orders. Which is it?

Sales orders are in date order, with most recent first.

The default order in the Sales Invoices tab is based on status:

  • Overpaid invoices are first. Within this group, the order is most recent to oldest.
  • Coming due invoices are second. Within this group, the order is soonest due to farthest away in time.
  • Overdue invoices are next. Within this group, the order is least overdue to longest overdue.
  • Paid in full invoices are last. Within this group, the order is most recent to oldest.

This basic order is intended to focus attention on invoices most likely to need attention. The idea is that you should not need to scan through paid in full invoices to find one that is overdue. Nor, if you want to remind a customer with poor payment history of an upcoming due date, should you have to scroll past lots of overdue invoices. Some scheme is required for default ordering, and the developer chose this one.

But, as you indicated you already know, placing the most recent invoices on top is two clicks away.

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Once again, thank you for your help. I can see that having the invoices ordered that way is helpful. Now that I understand that it works that way, it makes a lot of sense.
Thank you