Display most recent invoices/transactions in the invoice window

Hi. I recently was able to see the latest invoice listed in chronological sequence (from most recent to oldest) and now that has changed.
My invoice window now shows me due balances at the top bringing in the previous year also into this years even though I tried to prevent this from happening using the set feature.
My invoices are now all over the place and please note that the balances reflected were already paid last year and recorded. I did not use the due by feature as this was not yet offered by manager. Its a new feature and now my invoices are messed up and inaccurate as payment received are reflected as due balances with no due date at the very top.
Thanks for your help.

If the invoices were paid and recorded as you say, then there should be no balance due on those invoices and they shouldn’t be at the top.

So the issue is why invoices which have been already paid are showing in Manager as unpaid. Correct?

Yes. I’m thinking it’s due to an upgrade adding the due by feature which was not in the previous version I had no issue with. Now the upgrade have reflected that my previous year had no due by date set so now it shows it as balances.
The thing is I don’t know how to fix this without messing up my records