Sales Invoice sort order


When I click to Sales Invoices, this list here is not date sorted I guess but it is sorted as payments right ? But when I click it to Invoice date it is sorting to latest Invoices. Thank you,

There is not a column named “payments” in Sales Invoices. I guess you mean sorted by “status” but that is not the case either, the initial presentation is a combination of “invoice date” + “customer” + “status”. As soon as you click on a single column head such as “status” or “customer” it will sort the table accordingly, but only by clicking on the Sales Invoices tab you will get the default more complex sort-order.

The default sorting algorithm for sales invoices is:

  • Overpaid invoices first as these are usually bookkeeping errors
  • Then unpaid invoices sorted by issue date
  • Then paid invoices

Customers are not part of the algorithm.

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Then please explain the below:

Thank you !

It is quite simple:

  1. You have no overpaid invoices, so the algorithm moves to the second step.
  2. All your unpaid invoices are shown next. Within that grouping, they are in order by issue date, from most recent to oldest. The algorithm then moves to the final step.
  3. All your paid invoices are shown last. Within this group, organization is also by issue date, from most recent to oldest, although I did not mention that in my earlier post.

What else do you believe needs to be explained?