Display The total amount of the invoice in words at the bottom

I need to display and print the total amount of the invoice in words at the bottom of the invoice
also i need to print out all the invoices in a4 size ,
and the total and tax computation along with the total amount in words should be displayed at the bottom
please help with the code
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Search the forum for your topics. They have discussed previously. The answer to some of your desires may lead you to decide you need to create a custom view template. If you can’t code this yourself, you will need to hire someone to do it for you.

Enough people have asked for the invoice total to be displayed in words that I have to ask out of sheer curiosity: What is the appeal of this? Why in the world would it be useful or desirable to do that? It’s not like it’s a cheque that needs to be protected against modification, it’s a bill. Isn’t it easier to see that I as a customer owe you $157.83 than to see that I owe you one hundred fifty-seven dollars and eighty-three cents? And it’s not like I can change the amount you expect me to pay you by changing the numbers on the invoice you sent me.

Sorry if this comes across as naïve, but I just really can’t fathom why so many people have requested this capability, and I’d like to know.

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I am at a loss as well. Manager offers printed documents where text and numbers are clear. If documents were hand written, yes because some people may have writing that is unclear and thus challenging for anyone to decipher.