Disk i/o error


I installed the latest manager software after updating to latest version iam getting disk I/O error

i dont know what happened also my existing business data got corrupted but before update i took backup so i restored it

but after restaring my system its working after a while the same error
can any one help me to sort out this issue

Your disk is probably failing. This has nothing to do with Manager.

Can you post screenshot?

no iam using other software in the same drive and also the drive performs well i tested all other hardware ad software issues but only manager is not working that too after the latest update

Open the Reliability Monitor (click Start and type Reliability … Click on Reliability Monitor at the top of the menu list).

If you see Manager listed, click on the blue link that says, “View technical details”. Post a screenshot of the details.

as per your advice i hav uploaded the screenshot foryour ref

Reliability Monitor shows that Manager is installed properly. You have version 17.7.44 installed. The latest version is 17.7.57, but I don’t think the problem is with Manager. Since there are no error reports for Manager we should assume the problem is something else.

I would try running “Error checking”, then “Optimize and defrangment”, and finally “System File check”. Your first priority though should be to make sure your data is safe. Do a backup of your business and save the file on a separate drive or on a Cloud service.

To run “Error checking” and “Optimize and defragment”, open Windows Explorer, right-click on your C drive, click properties, then click the Tools tab.

Error check