Error while starting up

Do you know what happen?

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  2. To obtain help, you must describe exactly what led to the error: when it occurred, what actions preceded it, what specific step triggered it.


i am really new with manager io, just install mine again yesteday. i run this up today then this happen

You must still answer the questions to obtain help.

i click manager icon on desktop, and then something like that appear, then Manager opened like ussualy. thank you

Did you, at any point in time, modify the default installation location or data location for Manager?

You might also try downloading the newest version (18.7.97 as of this moment). There have been three releases since the one you have installed. Perhaps there was a bug that was fixed very quickly. Download and install exactly as before. Do not uninstall anything first. None of your data will be affected.

Thank you

whenever you had any problem regarding the program itself. be sure to state the what Operating system, manager version, and sequential explanation what you did. So any of us that have the same OS can testify and test for consistency.

thought based on the language I can recognize either indonesian or Malaysian. Must be windows.