Discount where its booked in Summery, P&L

can any body point where the amount of discount is reflected in Summery tab, or P&L report ?

when apply discount Flat or percentages, the amount shall be available under some account (most probably
expenses ) discount sometimes count as cost of sales


i do not think discount is shown as any expense in your accounts.
you are just selling the product at a reduced rate than the normal rate. it cannot be considered as an expense or loss.

if you want to see the discounts as an expense, then instead of using the discount option, create an expense account and add a separate line to your invoice with the discounted value as a negative.

thanks for the reply.
i don’t agree it is not expense, discount is not given for the sake of be nice, discount given to drive more sales ( marketing cost), or stock clearance ( Damage Control)
and even if it can’t be considered as expense, it should be able to be tracked in total, or per customer at least in report section

the sale rate is something you fix initially. and until those products are sold, what you would calculate is an imaginary profit. you cannot incur loss with a reduced imaginary profit.
in accounting only the real profit can be calculated which is actual sold rate - cost of goods.

Why you decide to give a discount does not matter. You are still just selling at a lower price than listed when you defined the item. You mention stock clearance as a reason for a discount. But if you had established a lower price originally, you might not need to clear stock, because it might have sold at the more attractive price.

It can be, and @sharpdrivetek explained how.