A question and would like an opinion. Quite often for some of our values customers I will take some money off of a Sales Invoice. I created a non-inventory item ‘Discount’ to reflect the money off. Since the upgrade it is now become ‘Suspense’. Basically a discount is an expense should I just create an item ‘Discount’ under Expense?

Create a P&L account called “Sales Discount” - now this can be an income or an expense account depending if you want to show/see total Income as gross or nett of the discount. You can toggle the account between income & expense to see what works best for you

Then go to your non–inventory item Discount and allocate that P&L account to the item.

Now you have two choices on the Sales Invoice, select the P&L account directly or select the non-inventory Item, a plus with the non-inventory item is that you can provide a “Marketing” description - Valued Customer Discount.

In fact, you could create several non-inventory Discount items with different messages:
Summer Sale Discount
Stock Clearance Discount

Nice breakdown thank you!