How can i make total discount report?

How can i make total discount report? or How much discount was paid in a year? Thanks

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If you are using Discount column, then the answer is you can’t. (maybe in future you could by using custom reports)

If you’d have discount account where you manually allocate negative amounts on invoices. Then discount amount will show on your Profit & Loss Statement.

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Would you please consider adding this feature. I seem it to be necessary.

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@Markgreen, you are responding to a topic almost 4 years old. Much has changed since then.

Read this Guide: Enter a discount as a separate line item | Manager. If you create an account for discounts on your profit and loss statement, you can post all discounts there. Then you can drill down on that account from the Summary and export the result.

@Tut, thanks for the response. I wonder if it won’t be possible to generate a report on discount offered? In my business, I have always calculated the discount in percentage and wanted Manager to extract the total discount offered in a certain period.

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Discounts applied to individual line items are simply price reductions. So you cannot get any report about them.

If you enter them as separate lines on a sales invoice, allocated to an account for that purpose, and enter the unit prices as negative numbers, you can drill down on that account. But you must enter exact amounts.

Or, you can follow the process in the Guide I linked to above and do the same thing. The only differences in these options are whether you enter positive or negative numbers and whether the discount shows in a Discount column on the invoice.

If you take one of these options, you could construct a custom report by querying the general ledger transactions table and filtering for the account name and credits.

Or, assuming again that you put your discounts as separate line items and allocate to an account created for that purpose, you can generate a General Ledger Transactions report for that account. There, you will see debits and credits. This is probably the simplest way to get a report once you have done the first two things mentioned in this paragraph.

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Still Waiting for any New Reports for Discounts Details

Have you read the entire thread?