Different reports for different Cash Accounts

I’m maintaining two cash accounts.

  • Customer Cash Account-
  • Petty Cash Book

I want to generate report only for Petty Cash Book. Currently I’m getting summarized cash report for both.

So it it possible?

This is not yet possible. I will probably add it however why do you care about such a report? Is it to catch some data-entry mistakes? Just wondering…

My question is similar. We have multiple sales daily of various items which we don’t inventory. (For example, drinks poured from a bottle) We record those sales as money received into a cash account for deposit at the end of the week.

In the “payer” field we enter categories such as “Beer,” “Wine,” “Soft Drinks,” etc. The boss would like a report showing sales of beer on a daily basis over a given period, the same with the other “payers.” It would be a column headed “Beer” with a number of sales figures under it, culminating in a total for the month (or week, or whatever).

I’m sure it’s possible, but I don’t know how.

I suppose I should let you know that we’ve abandoned Quickbooks after the previous staff made quite a mess of it and it’s beyond redemption. This program is a very welcome relief, thank you.

No, not data-entry mistakes.
It’s just that, I’m using this software for providing cash reports to my senior.

  1. Customer Cash Account is secretive. I cannot provide report officially in meeting. This report needs to be submitted separately.
  2. Petty Cash Book Account is the official expense report, which I have to submit to my Accounts Dept. on monthly expense.
    You can also say that, for both the Cash Accounts, I’ve to submit report to separate individuals in same company.
    This is the reason, I wanted this flexibility.
    I guess, “Custom Reports” option if developed well, then the user can generate any kind of report he wants.(Just a suggestion) :slight_smile:

With separate cash account,the user can tell the cash collected from every teller at the end of the day. And cash spent in one cash account for the day or specified period.

The user can export and even give reports, eg. The expenses paid from the petty cash for a week.

Hi Lubos,

So will there be any development for what I need?

I really would love to see the ability to create my company’s own style financial reports.
Not a P&L Stmt, Not a Cash Flow Stmt, Not just Accounts receivable, or Accounts Payable or the Balance Sheet, but a combination.
Under the legislation that I must follow in my industry there are set items to report to stakeholders and I have spent hours and hours trying to EXPORT the data and fiddle with Excel spreadsheets to create the report. I may as well have used the Spreadsheet from the beginning.
When can we create our own reports but pulling accounts from the Chart of Accounts, and Subsidiary ledgers for Debtors.
eg I need to report:

Debtors Reports
Name Opening Bal Debt/Sales Receipts Closing Balance
Mr X $ $ $ $
Mr Y $ $ $ $
Mrs Z $ $ $ $
etc $ $ $ $

The Debtor reconciliation only shows the Closing Balance
When will you allow us to play around and create reports that are meaningful to our entity?

Second matter:
And Sales by DEPARTMENT is also important.
I have entered Tracking Codes to all sales but don’t understand how to use them for retrieving a report for each Department.

Have you read the Guide at Tracking codes? For a single-department report, only enter that department’s tracking code. Does this not provide what you need?

I would also like to be able to print report from the two cash accounts separately and together. It would really help with my account reporting. Would love to know when this option will be available. I run my business as the owner of the company. We pay the company to run our business so some expenses need to go through the company but some need to go through the owner account. That is why I need to be able to present the accountant with separate reports.

Have you tried clicking on the individual account balance figures under the Cash Accounts tab and exporting the result? You can sort on any column prior to export. And you can import the exported file to a spreadsheet and manipulate it as you desire.

This worries me a bit. There is nothing in that report that accountant should be looking at. It’s very non-standard report.

The key reports for accountant are Profit & Loss Statement and Balance sheet and maybe bank reconciliation reports.

If expenses are paid directly by the owner, you should record such expenses under Expense claims tab.

Hi, will it be possible to get a report for each account?

Under the Cash Accounts tab, click on the blue Balance figure for the account in question. You will get a list of transactions in that account and the running balance. If you need to print that list, Export it according to this Guide: Copy lists and reports | Manager.

hi Tut, thanks for a quick reply,
this one, as i unterstand, shows only the movements
what about report with a “Cash at the beginning of the period” and “Cash at the end of the period” for each account?
sorry I can’t find…

Not true. It shows the running balance on every transaction date, also.

General Ledger Summary under the Reports tab gives opening and closing information for all accounts.

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thanks Tut, I got it now,
thanks again for help… probably I will ask more questions in the future
have a nice day

Interestingly I have a request for exactly the same report… We have a situation with a church has multiple Bank accounts and it appears that each account is used for unique projects. So what they are after is a report for each Bank Account similar to the Cash Summary or P & L. The information presented is to be relevant to the particular Bank Account selected / queried.

Will be happy to know if this will become possible.

You cannot create a Cash Summary for only one bank account, because the report includes accounts associated with inflows and outflows to/from cash and bank accounts. You will notice that those accounts (actually their control accounts) are the only accounts that are not included. If you want to know what happened in a specific bank account, drill down on its Statement balance figure in the Bank Accounts tab, then sort by clicking on the Account column heading. You will see transactions grouped by the to/from accounts.

But it really sounds like the church should be using tracking codes. Then you can get P&L statements by tracking code.

I am removing this topic from the Ideas category and closing it. The discussion wandered so far, and the program’s handling of cash accounts and cash transactions has changed so much since it was opened, it’s impossible to tell if it is still relevant.

@abhishek.nipunage, you started the topic. If you still have a suggestion for improvements beyond what has happened since June 2016, will you please start another topic?