Cash Summary Report be selectable by Bank/Cash account

That an additional Cash Summary (per account) report be added so that individual bank / cash can be selected with period parameters.

The existing report could be modified with the addition of an account selection field, but should also maintain the selection of an “all” bank/cash accounts reports.


I support this idea

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We desperately need this

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My organization is in need of a Cash Report that will display all subaccounts for Cash on Hand and Cash in Bank. We have many Bank accounts and currently must create the detailed Cash Report manually.

The built-in Cash Summary includes movements to/from all cash and bank accounts. The point of the idea behind this topic was to provide an option to limit that, not make it more inclusive.

Tut, I’m very new to this software and perhaps disoriented as to the proper naming of Tabs versus Reports. On the Summary Tab, we see cash consolidated. On Bank Accounts Tab, we see all Bank accounts listed, indicating the “sub-accounts” that will roll up to the summary level. In each of the structured Reports (in the Reports Tab), cash in bank and cash in hand are still summary values. For responding to the Officers of the organization, they require to see each bank account balance and each cash on hand balance as specific line items of every Report written.

The Cash Summary Report found on the Reports Tab provides an excellent display of the transactions that affect the total cash balance. It would be very useful if the Cash Summary Report structure could also be used to display the transactions that affect each individual Bank Account and Cash on Hand Account. The accountant’s responsibility to be fully familiar with the transactions would be easier if such a report were possible. Perhaps, just the option to present the current Cash Summary Report with organized presentation of the transactions by the account affected.

Tabs are functional modules, visible in the left navigation pane. They are activated using the Customize link. See this Guide: Manager Cloud. They look like this:


Reports are listed under the Reports tab. They look like this:


Yes, because Cash at bank and Cash on hand are control accounts with subsidiary ledgers. Subsidiary ledgers do not display on the Summary or on reports.

Then create custom control accounts for each cash and bank account. See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

That’s not the purpose of the report. What you describe is an account ledger. You can obtain one in the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tab by clicking on the balance for an account and exporting the result.

The Custom Control Accounts Guide has solved my problem. Thank you.

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The latest version is adding two new reports: Bank Account Summary and Cash Account Summary.

In the end I’ve decided not to extend Cash Summary report because of multi-currency implications.

Cash Summary is always in base currency since it can include bank/cash accounts of mixed currencies. However figures on Bank Account Summary and Cash Account Summary are presented in currency of selected bank/cash account.