Cash Accounts Report (cash Summary)

In my company I got this problem. There are 2 different cash accounts and everyday the manager wants to check the income of each day. We used to use the report cash summary to show the total income of the day, but this was when there was only 1 cash account. Now that there are 2 cash accounts when making a cash summary report you get accounts receivable which has the total income of both of the cash accounts.

How can I make a report of the cash accounts separately?

Drill down on the balance of each cash account in the Cash Accounts tab. Then export the transaction list to a spreadsheet and manipulate it there to give whatever report you want.

@Kunal_Lalwani it has been added now. You can now see 3 new reports under Cash & cash equivalents one is for all cash and banks and for selected banks and one for selected cash account.

Thank You for this feature.
I used it today and it is exactly what we needed.

Possible Bug
u1 can see only one cashbook

Cash Summary Report
when create new report system allow user to choose only authorized cashbook (it’s correct)

but user can see other cashbook reports which are already created by other user

thank you